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Painters Adelaide are an exceptional non-discriminatory local team of master painters whose focus is on professionalism, exceptional customer service and outstanding results. With both male and female painters on our team we can cater to all clients.

Painters Adelaide’s goal is keeping you completely satisfied and kept up to date on the process throughout the entire painting job. We deliver outstanding painting projects for residential, heritage, commercial and industrial painting projects.

We provide interior and exterior painting services for residential, commercial and Heritage properties. Top Painters Adelaide is one that employs the most exceptional team of painters that have the highest skill level and standards in all aspects of painting and customer service.

Unlike some companies Top Painters are a company that consults with property owners to ensure their best selection in paints and finishes, as well as the best colour schemes to enhance the beauty of their interior or exterior property. Our consultants take the time to discuss textures and finishes, as well as different approaches to the painting job to ensure that the best level of quality and satisfaction are delivered.

Painters Adelaide are highly recommended throughout Adelaide for their painting services. We can cater to all your painting needs in Adelaide with high quality workmanship, amazing customer service and affordable pricing. We offer optimum house painting services that can transform your home into a comfortable and more welcoming environment for you to enjoy, help you refresh your home to sell or re-let, as well as fix up jobs for your rental property. No job is too big or too small for Top Painters Adelaide so give us a call today for all your painting needs.

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Our featured services

Top Painters are at your service to deliver you home improvements to suit your needs, whether it be for re sale, forever home, rental property refresh or upgrades.



We offer a range of Ideas to re furbish your kitchen. We can take an old 70s kitchen and transform it to look like new! Its amazing what some paint can do!


Interior Painting

We can do any style of house. Whether you are are just renovating or your a builder needing a painter we can help. Get your interior house painted by the best painters in Adelaide


Exterior Painting

We can give that house a new look the whole street will notice! Give us a call so we can quote you on the exterior of your house.


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