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Top Painters have contacts with all trades suiting a variety of services required for your property repairs at a special discounted price. We guarantee to complete your painting needs to a high standard using the colour schemes or tailored to your own choices. We specialize in the painting of all residential needs including interior, exterior, kitchen revamps, fences, sheds, the list goes on. At Top Painters if you’re unsure we can provide advice on colour schemes and textures.

Doing home improvements can certainly increase the value and appearance of your property. Painting can add a new lease of life to your home for you to enjoy, sell or lease. However, there is far more to a quality paint job than simply applying paint to a surface. As with most projects, proper preparation is a key to successful painting services.

All hardware, such as switch and outlet covers, doorknobs, back plates, etc. should be removed and carefully stored, or properly masked. Curtains, blinds, and other objects should also be removed or protected. Drop sheets placed over furniture and skirting boards taped up properly.

All plasterboard damage should then be repaired. This includes patching all nail holes and applying a sealer/primer to all stains and patchwork. Larger repairs to walls may require a more detailed process that includes installing new plasterboard, taping, floating, and texturing.

Glossy surfaces should be lightly sanded, or specific chemical used to dull the surface. Paints do not adhere well to glossy surfaces, and the sanding and or chemicals gives the paint something to “grip” into

The final step in the preparation process involves masking and covering any remaining objects that will not be painted. The method and extent of the masking is largely determined by how the paint will be applied.

Prep work is the key for any painting services. At Painters Adelaide we are exceptional when it comes to prepping your home for interior painting in Adelaide. Not only do we prep properly we do a thorough clean-up afterwards so your fresh new house will look like we’ve never been there, no spills, no drips/runs no overspray.

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    We offer a range of Ideas to re furbish your kitchen. We can take an old 70s kitchen and transform it to look like new! Its amazing what some paint can do!


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    We can do any style of house. Whether you are are just renovating or your a builder needing a painter we can help. Get your interior house painted by the best painters in Adelaide


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